Biofilm Removal & Sanitisation

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Post Commission Cleaning of System/ Biofilm Removal

TISL can offer onsite treatment of waters systems to remove biofilms as complementary services to our degreasing, sanitisation, derouging and passivation all under Quality Control. Our trained, competent technicians use custom made equipment, pumps, filters, chemical hoses and test kits to carry out safe treatment of PW and WFI systems at your premises.

Biofilms are bacterial colonies that have developed in the piping or vessels of a water system that by their nature are difficult to remove. The bacterial colony is protected buy a slimy polysaccharide layer that prevents attack and allows the colony to grow.

Once established, biofilms may include a variety of bacterial species that resist chemical treatment and may require multiple chemicals and stages of cleaning to remove.

Our Range Of Chemical Services

TISL use a range of chemical processes chosen to combat each individual biofilm occurrence. These chemical processes may include Derouging, Degreasing, Sanitisation and Passivation as appropriate. Use of static soak and dynamic flushing techniques are employed to improve the effectiveness of the cleaning. Over a quarter of a century, we have helped hundreds of clients combat biofilms across the UK and have experience to draw from to help you get your system back in specification ASAP.

Biofilms attach most strongly to roughened surfaces including Rouge. It is important in Purified Water (PW) and Water for Injection (WFI) Systems that a rouge-free, passive internal surface is maintained to prevent the opportunity for biofilms to establish. Regular maintenance passivation and early derouging to limit the conditions conducive to bacterial growth as well as long term monitoring of the water quality and trend analysis will help keep water systems running smoothly.