Pre-Commission Flushing

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Pre-Commission Flushing of Water Systems to BSRIA

A part of the commissioning process for closed water systems such as chilled water and heating/LPHW services, they must be flushed in accordance with BSRIA (Building Services, Research and Information Association) BG29 2021. TISL offer this service, flushing in accordance with BSRIA guidelines and have experience of flushing systems up to 30m3 in volume. It is important for the operation of water systems after commissioning that they are cleaned and treated properly at the pre-commission stage.

How should pre-commission cleaning be executed? 

Pre-commission cleaning is best achieved by flushing, chemical cleaning and water treatment, with water quality testing to monitor results of these processes. This ensures removal of corrosion debris, solid particles and micro-organisms and also provides a system at commissioning in the best condition to run efficiently.

TISL Service

TISL are able to effectively flush and clean distinct heating systems which, due to their design, run at temperatures conductive to bacterial growth.


These systems should be monitored on a regular basis for micro-organism levels to ensure biofilm and bioburden issues do not arise.