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Our Flawless Degreasing Service

Degreasing of Components, Pipes, Fabrications and Systems is necessary to remove mineral oils, greases and debris adhered to product contact services. If contaminants remain in Oxygen Lines, they can act as fuel and explode when oxygen is introduced. This means Oxygen Service equipment and pipes require a more stringent cleaning and validation process to avoid potential explosion. TISL are experienced in cleaning to BOC; Air Product; ASTM G93; CGAG-401; ELGA IGC 33-18 and related specifications in dedicated cleaning areas.

Aftercare & Other Services

Once cleaned the parts are inspected under white light and UV light with lint free swabs. Greases and oils fluoresce under UV light and particles are visible under white light, both of which are unacceptable in an oxygen system. Once verified as clean, the parts are double bagged/capped in a clean environment and labelled in accordance with the cleaning specification. TISL also offer degreasing for General Service to similar standards as Oxygen Service but without the more stringent inspection and packing requirements. TISL offer on-site degreasing of pipelines and equipment for Oxygen Service and for General Service and are able to supply pre-cleaned equipment to ensure no contamination of equipment to be cleaned.

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Our Passivation services allows you to restore corroded stainless still through the use of citric and nitric acid.


Degreasing of Components, Pipes, Fabrications and Systems is necessary to remove mineral oils, greases and debris adhered to product contact surfaces. This can stop the potential risk of explosion in pipes and oxygen service equipment.


When stainless steel develops iron oxide due to corrosion, it is known as rouge. This is unacceptable in many production environments and is removed by a process known as Derouging or Pickling. View our specialist Derouging service.

Biofilm Removal & Sanitisation

Our specialist team will decide on the ideal biocide for the conditions to execute this harsher treatment.

Chemical  Descaling

Chemical Descaling is necessary to remove water hardness scale or limescale from heat exchange equipment such as boilers, heat exchangers, calorifiers, tube bundles, autoclave jackets, water systems and cooling towers.

Pre-commission Flushing

It is important for the operation of water systems after commissioning that they are cleaned and treated properly at pre-commission stage. TISL are able to offer flushing in accordance with BSRIA Guidelines throughout the UK and have experience of flushing systems up to 30m3 in volume.

Ribflavin Testing

TISL are able to carry out on-site testing of sprayballs within your facility to ensure full coverage of vessel internals. With many new and re-purposed vessels having commissioning manuals missing or incomplete, evidence of the effectiveness of sprayballs at wetting surfaces is sometimes missing.

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