Derouging / Pickling

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Why Derouging/ Pickling?

When stainless steel develops iron oxide due to corrosion, it is known as rouge. This is unacceptable
in many production environments and is removed by a process known as Derouging or Pickling. Derouging is typically carried out using a nitric acid and ammonium bifluoride solution which works
by removing a microscopic layer of stainless steel and anything that is on it – the rouge.

TISL have experience of derouging WFI Systems, Chemical and Process Storage Vessels, Purified
Water Systems, Pure Steam Systems, Buffer Prep Vessels, Aerospace Parts and externals of stainless
steel equipment in Process Rooms.
Prior to derouging, the items should be degreased and afterwards a passivation stage is required to
replenish the Chromium Oxide layer.

Industry Standard Work

Pickling Stainless Steel

Pickling may be carried with pre-commission cleaning of stainless steel in accordance with ASTM A380, to remove the heat tint from welds and heat affected zones either side of welds.

Qualified Team

Due to the hazardous nature of the pickling solution, TISL personnel always carry Calcium Gluconate Gel and Tablets and are trained in First Aid and COSHH handling.

Derouging and maintaining a clean passive layer on stainless steel equipment is a preventative maintenance that keeps manufacturing equipment in optimal condition and prevents the need for outages and unplanned shutdowns.