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Established in 1994, we at Transflow Industrial Cleaning Services are one of the top-rated pickle and passivation companies in the UK and have over 27 years of experience in providing chemical cleaning and industrial services to pharmaceutical, food, healthcare, power and related industries. Our personnel are highly trained, certified and approved in many services including specialist passivation, derouging, descaling, biofilm removal and sanitisation services on purified water, WFI, pure steam and product systems. If you’re looking for a company that can carry out pickling and passivation, then you need to look no further than our specialists who are experts in this field.


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    What is Pickle and Passivation?

    As one of the best pickle and passivation companies in the UK, we can assist in a huge range of industrial cleaning including passivation. Stainless steel is protected against corrosion and other damage by a naturally forming passive layer called the Chromium Oxide layer. If this is disrupted or damaged by cutting, welding, heating, grinding or through contact with chemicals, the stainless steel loses its protection against corrosion. The passivation process is a chemical treatment for stainless steel that is proven to enhance and restore the ability of the treated surfaces to be resistant to corrosion. With Transflow, the passivation of stainless steel is achieved by applying a strong oxidizing agent (nitric acid) or a chelating agent (citric acid) to the stainless steel for maximum results.

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    Transflow Industrial Services
    Transflow Industrial Services

    What is Derouging?

    Although the passivation of stainless steel can improve the corrosive resistance, manufacturing can leave behind several imperfections that it can’t eliminate such as heat tint or oxide scale left behind by welding and heat treating. The pickling of stainless steel is a chemical treatment whereby we will treat your steel with a chemical solution, usually hydrochloric or sulfuric acid and aims to eliminate impurities, such as stains, contaminants, and rust or scale from ferrous metals, copper, precious metals and aluminium alloys.

    Our passivation and pickling services include:

    Quality control with comprehensive RAMS, COSHH reports and support documentation.
    High-quality equipment individual to each job – pumps, tanks, hoses, adaptors.
    Ferroxyl test to confirm the presence of a passive layer after the process.
    Off-site baths and immersion tanks with a clean room for drying, testing and wrapping.
    Vessel entry/confined space access.
    Professional cleaning services if required.
    Paste passivation of small blemishes in clean rooms.
    Control of waste chemicals and disposal according to Environment Agency legislation.

    What are the benefits of pickling and passivation? 

    Removes surface contamination. 
    Increased corrosion resistance. 
    Reduces the risk of product contamination. 
    Allows you to extend system maintenance intervals. 
    Saves money and reduces downtime. 
    Transflow Industrial Services

    For more information about the derouging and passivation of stainless steel or any of our other services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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    27+ Years of Experience

    As one of the top pickle and passivation companies in the UK, we have over 27 years of experience in carrying out specialist passivation, pickling, descaling, biofilm removal and sanitisation services on purified water, WFI, pure steam and product systems.


    Fully-Trained& Certified Personnel

    ll of our personnel are fully trained and
    certified in CCNSG Safety Passport, COSHH
    Training, Working at Height, ADR Chemical,
    Confined Space Access, Face Fit Testing for
    Respirators, Job Specific Chemicals Services
    Training, Ferroxyl Testing of Welds and more to
    guarantee your, and our, safety.


    Fully Comprehensive Selection of Services

    We have a fully comprehensive selection of services available including specialist passivation, pickling, descaling, biofilm removal and sanitisation services on purified water, WFI, pure steam and product systems. So we can look after all your needs in-house.


    Huge Client Portfolio

    We are highly recognised in the industry for our services and have provided our services to a 
    huge range of reputable clients and our 
    portfolio includes ThermoFisher Scientific, 
    AstraZeneca, Porton Biopharma, Merck, 3M 
    Healthcare and many more.