Biofilms in Water Pipes

Welcome to Transflow Industrial Services Limited, where you can find onsite treatment for biofilms in water pipes. Our treatment of biofilms in water pipes is a complementary service to our degreasing, sanitisation, derouging and passivation all under Quality Control. Contact us today!

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    What are biofilms in water pipes?

    Biofilms in water pipes are bacterial colonies that have developed in the piping or vessels of a water system that are difficult to remove. The bacterial colony is protected by a slimy polysaccharide layer that prevents attack and allows the colony to grow. Once established, biofilms in water pipes may include a variety of bacterial species. These species can resist chemical treatment and may require multiple chemicals and stages of cleaning to remove.

    How are biofilms in water pipes removed?

    We use a range of chemical processes to treat biofilms in water pipes. These chemical processes may include Derouging, Degreasing, Sanitisation and Passivation as appropriate. Use of static soak and dynamic flushing techniques are employed to improve the effectiveness of the cleaning. Regular maintenance passivation and early derouging can limit the conditions conducive to bacterial growth. Treatment for biofilms in water pipes also provides long-term monitoring of the water quality and trend analysis to keep water systems running smoothly. For over a quarter of a century, we have helped hundreds of clients combat biofilms in water pipes.

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    Transflow Industrial Services

    Industries That Benefit from Biofilms in Water Pipes Treatment

    We provide treatment for biofilms in water pipes for many industries to help maintain their water pipes and infrastructure. Treatment for biofilms in water pipes is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and water treatment settings.

    Transflow Industrial Services
    Why Removing Biofilms in Water Pipes is Crucial in Industrial Environments

    • Contamination Risk
      Biofilms in water pipes harbour harmful bacteria. As well as being difficult to treat, biofilms in water pipes increase the risk of contamination in industrial processes or end products.
    • Reduced Efficiency
      When there is a build-up of biofilms in water pipes, your equipment could face restricted water flow. This therefore will reduce the efficiency of your equipment.
    • Corrosion
      Biofilms in water pipes can cause metal surfaces to corrode at an accelerated rate. This can lead to damage and can cause your equipment to fail.
    • Quality Control
      Biofilms in water pipes will impact the quality of your water and will compromise its integrity and compliance with regulations. Therefore, treatment for biofilms in water pipes is vital.

    FAQs About Biofilms in Water Pipes

    What causes biofilms in water pipes?

    Biofilms form when microorganisms adhere to surfaces in moist environments. Biofilms in water pipes attach to roughened surfaces including Rouge. It is important in Purified Water (PW) and Water for Injection (WFI) Systems that a rouge-free, passive internal surface is maintained to prevent the opportunity for biofilms in water pipes to establish.

    How can I tell if my water pipes have biofilms?

    Common signs of biofilms in water pipes include reduced water flow, foul odours, and visible slime or deposits inside the pipes.

    Are biofilms harmful to health?

    Yes, biofilms in water pipes can harbour harmful bacteria, posing health risks if present in drinking water or industrial processes.

    Can biofilms be removed permanently?

    While complete eradication of biofilms in water pipesis challenging, regular maintenance can manage biofilms in water pipes.

    How often should water pipes be cleaned to prevent biofilm buildup?

    The frequency of treatment for biofilms in water pipes will vary depending on water quality, usage patterns, and industry regulations.

    Can biofilm removal damage water pipes?

    Proper cleaning techniques minimise the risk of damage to pipes, ensuring effective biofilm removal without compromising structural integrity.

    Can biofilms affect industrial processes other than water flow?

    Yes, biofilms in water pipes can impact heat transfer, contaminate product surfaces, and contribute to equipment failing in various industrial processes.

    How can I request a quote for treatment for biofilms in water pipes?

    You can request a quote for treatment for biofilms in water pipes by getting in touch with us today. We can discuss your needs and provide a customised solution that meets your needs and budget.

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    Why choose us for treatment for biofilms in water pipes?

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    30 Years of Experience

    We have 30 years of experience in biofilms in water pipes as well as degreasing, passivation and sanitisation services on purified water, WFI, pure steam and product systems.

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    Fully-Trained & Certified

    We are fully trained and certified in CCNSG Safety Passport, COSHH Training, ADR Chemical, Confined Space Access, Job Specific Chemicals Services Training, Ferroxyl Testing of Welds and more.

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    Huge Client Portfolio

    We have provided our services to a huge range of reputable clients and our portfolio includes ThermoFisher Scientific, AstraZeneca, Porton Biopharma, Merck, 3M Healthcare and many more.

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